Cormidi Mini Loader

KB11 | 36'

38.5 ft Heaped

28.9 ft Struck

22.6 ft Water Level

180° Poly Swivel

Poly Concrete Hopper

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Self Loading

180°  Rotation

Self Loading

Make Maintenance Easy

So It Gets Done!

180° Self Loading Cement Mixer

Bring on the stumps!

180° Rotation

Self Loading

Let us do the carrying for you!

Cormidi Mini Loader

The Cormidi Mini Loader is an absolute power house.  It uses a universal quick coupler to adapt to hundreds of attachments and can lift 1,500 lbs.  It has 3 auxiliary valves to run pretty much anything you desire, and a best in class hinge pin height of 86.6″  Better yet, the machine sits on dual 9.1″ military style tracks, and has a total width of 35″ so you can fit through the gates where others can not go.

Cormidi CMF Series

The Cormidi CMF series is the only machine specifically designed to interchange tops. It allows for extreme versitility for dealers, rental companies and end users alike. Instead of having multiple machines, this unit adapts to your or your customers needs.

Cormidi Hi-Tip Track Dumper

The Cormidi C13.85HIACW is a self loading track dumper designed to load pick-up trucks or dumpsters.  It is a labor saving machine that does not call in sick, take too many breaks or get tired.  It simply makes you money!

Cormidi RIX-Poly

The RIX-Poly Track Dumper is great for concrete work or pretty much any other landscaping material you desire.  It is also available in a steel hopper with or without the 180° swivel.

Cormidi Self Loader

The Self Loader takes the place of 2 to 3 men.  It can load itself, then transport half a yard of material into tight areas.  It can then spread and grade whatever you are carrying.  It is a lanscapers, masons or pool contractors dream.  Not to mention the $ the owner of the company saves.

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